Organize and Furnish Your Living Room

Home Decor is one of my passions. When I see a house I like to imagine it furnished in one way rather than another: I like to organize spaces. One of my favorite activities is to read up on furniture magazines and go in search of novelty in shops and antique markets.

Today I will give you some general suggestions on how to organize and decorate living room. These are not specific rules, but the tips I found useful over time and that can adapt to the organization and furnishing of any room in the house.

First of all, when you have to furnish a room, you have to keep in mind two fundamental factors: structural and chromatic spaces (natural light and colors of furniture). Look closely the configuration of the room: size, shape, structure (which are arranged openings, passageways…) and try to identify the areas with usage in which they are intended. Typically, in the living room there should be a dining area – whether or not there is already a room dedicated to this function in the house – a conversation area-relaxation: often in this corner, in addition to television and, sometimes, even a whole entertainment center, some other functions are required: a study area or library. Everyone knows the needs and habits of their family and focus on these issues is certainly priority over everything else.

So, given these general principles, let’s draw some simple considerations and practical suggestions. The purpose of this section is devoted to furnishing your living room: to provide useful ideas and inspirations.

First of all the advice I give to all: choose furniture that is not too big! It seems odd, but you will find that over time you need change. The decor is not static, but dynamic and changing world not only with the needs of the family, but also in tune with the taste that certainly changes and evolves together with our personality. A “live” feel to the house means to make it in tune with ourselves and then evolve it together with us. The home is a reflection of our inner selves! Welcoming someone to your home means to let them into your soul.

The budget that we have available is not really an important factor, and certainly the market value of our furniture is not either. It’s the effect that matters, the impression that the exterior reflects the interior. Have you ever wondered why certain atmosphere, certain corners or certain typical home décor photos give us the impression of intimacy and help us feel at home? Of course, it’s because it reflects our mood and the overall feeling.

As I already said, furniture should not be too large to allow moving around according to the needs in the life of a family and according to our aesthetic preference.  Also, the furniture of the smaller measurements give proper emphasis to the empty spaces, making it stand out even more.

Another recommendation is to try to “draw the shapes”. What does it mean? That means that the layout of the furniture should flow naturally and bring the sense of harmony of an environment. This is immensely facilitated by the replication of the forms. This is one of the principles of classical Renaissance style.

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