The Electric Scooter Trend Transformation

Ride Two WHeels

Electric scooters have been around for many decades, but it has only been possible in the last few years to find a wide acceptance thanks to powerful batteries. Both in dynamic range as well as in range, modern electric scooters surpass their ancestors by far. Durable lithium-ion batteries combined with powerful three-phase AC motors ensure that the car’s driving pleasure is not compromised. In view of the high environmental compatibility, the demand for e-scooters will increase in the coming years. And with many celebrities that are accepting innovative and sustainable forms of transport, we expect that the the trend of riding electric scooters will only grow stronger.

The current offer (as of 2017) includes just over 100 different electric scooters. Important: “E-scooters” often refers to mini-scooters, which look more like a children’s scooter than a mean of transport suitable for the city. Nevertheless, such mini-scooters exist for a reason and can replace a much larger electric scooter on the ultra-short trips and they make a perfect vehicle you can take with you on the bus – besides, these are simply fun to drive! The new trend in electric scooters are more durable, more stable rides and the new 2 wheel smart e-scooter.

An important difference and decisive for the price is the type of battery used. In the e-scooters, there are usually only two types: lead acid batteries and lithium polymer batteries. There are couple of reasons why lithium battery packs are superior to the lead acid ones: they are lighter, last for much longer and hold charge. On the range and the speed, however, the type of battery has almost no effect. In the stock version of almost all electric scooters comes with a single battery, which usually has enough capacity for a range of 20 to 30 miles. A higher range is usually achieved with additional batteries.

The maximum speed is normally limited to 20 mph. This is due to the legal requirements and the required driving license. A 20mph model can be driven in most of the US without registration and the driver’s license.

6 Reasons Not to Drive Your Car in the Summer

Have you considered switching your car for more sensible way of transportation? Depending on where you want to go, the bike is not always the best choice and bus and train can be rather unpleasant than comfortable during the summer months. But there is a solution: the electric scooter. Here are six reasons to get on the one of those e-powered rides as soon as you can.

1. Electric scooters are green. With them, you enjoy mobility without a feeling guilty, without exhaust fumes and without screeching engine noises. They are environmentally friendly as they are powered by an electric motor.
2. With an electric scooter you save money. You can “fuel” it already for 99 cents for 100 km just by plugging the charger to the outlet. This makes you independent from fluctuating gasoline prices. In addition, you save yourself expensive, costly maintenance, as the electric scooter is designed very simply without too many parts.
3. Electric scooters are chic! Whether modern or retro, admiring looks are guaranteed! And with the matching accessories like a helmet in retro design, you will quickly become a real eye-catcher on the streets!
4. They are handy. With an electric scooter you can reach up to 40 miles before the batteries have to be recharged. For an average scooter driver is absolutely sufficient.
5. E-Scooters are innovative and modern. And in their performance, they are equal to gas powered Vespa-like scooters! The engine is sometimes installed directly in the rear wheel so that the power is generated where it is needed – that is, the engine power is passed directly to the wheel. There are also numerous guides on how to make an electric scooter go faster. So just get on it and go, because …
6. … what is more beautiful than feeling the summer breeze around you, while you are quietly purring through the landscape without exhaust fumes and noise?

Organize and Furnish Your Living Room

Home Decor is one of my passions. When I see a house I like to imagine it furnished in one way rather than another: I like to organize spaces. One of my favorite activities is to read up on furniture magazines and go in search of novelty in shops and antique markets.

Today I will give you some general suggestions on how to organize and decorate living room. These are not specific rules, but the tips I found useful over time and that can adapt to the organization and furnishing of any room in the house.

First of all, when you have to furnish a room, you have to keep in mind two fundamental factors: structural and chromatic spaces (natural light and colors of furniture). Look closely the configuration of the room: size, shape, structure (which are arranged openings, passageways…) and try to identify the areas with usage in which they are intended. Typically, in the living room there should be a dining area – whether or not there is already a room dedicated to this function in the house – a conversation area-relaxation: often in this corner, in addition to television and, sometimes, even a whole entertainment center, some other functions are required: a study area or library. Everyone knows the needs and habits of their family and focus on these issues is certainly priority over everything else.

So, given these general principles, let’s draw some simple considerations and practical suggestions. The purpose of this section is devoted to furnishing your living room: to provide useful ideas and inspirations.

First of all the advice I give to all: choose furniture that is not too big! It seems odd, but you will find that over time you need change. The decor is not static, but dynamic and changing world not only with the needs of the family, but also in tune with the taste that certainly changes and evolves together with our personality. A “live” feel to the house means to make it in tune with ourselves and then evolve it together with us. The home is a reflection of our inner selves! Welcoming someone to your home means to let them into your soul.

The budget that we have available is not really an important factor, and certainly the market value of our furniture is not either. It’s the effect that matters, the impression that the exterior reflects the interior. Have you ever wondered why certain atmosphere, certain corners or certain typical home décor photos give us the impression of intimacy and help us feel at home? Of course, it’s because it reflects our mood and the overall feeling.

As I already said, furniture should not be too large to allow moving around according to the needs in the life of a family and according to our aesthetic preference.  Also, the furniture of the smaller measurements give proper emphasis to the empty spaces, making it stand out even more.

Another recommendation is to try to “draw the shapes”. What does it mean? That means that the layout of the furniture should flow naturally and bring the sense of harmony of an environment. This is immensely facilitated by the replication of the forms. This is one of the principles of classical Renaissance style.

Always Look Good When Going Outside

Dressing well in everyday life is not easy. In the morning, when you get up early to go to work the last thing you want to worry about being perfect and looking sharp. But like all good things in life, while it requires some effort, it will pay in the long run. People will start to notice your cared-for look and your confidence when meeting new people will go through the roof. And wouldn’t it be nice to be all dolled-up when you accidentally bump into your ex?

The first rule is to rinse your face with cool water as soon as alarm clock sets off, to be immediately awake and perky with a clear head! If you are not quick in choosing clothes and cannot get dressed quickly, my advice is to organize everything the night before, choose the clothes in the morning so all you have to do is put them on. Try not to always wear jeans, a sweater and flat boots, change often and alternate your usual look with pants, blazers, trench coats and colored shirts, long and short skirts. Combine brooches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Accessories make the two same outfits look completely different and give you a sophisticated and chic look.

To dress well you don’t need to have designer clothes, you can shop in stores low cost where you can find good quality at a reasonable price like Zara, H & M and Mango. You can take a look online, for deals and coupons. Also, there is nothing wrong with shopping on sales, even if you are buying models from last season. The most important thing for clothes is to be well-made and to fit your body and your style.

Experiment with different combinations. By dressing up every day you will get unmistakable sense of your style and will rarely find yourself in “what am I going to wear” situation. You will be absolutely confident in what looks good on you, and how to accessorize your outfit. Remember, style comes with practice.

Make-up is essential, you can’t deny it. Putting just a small amount of beauty products on your face will make you look fresh and well-rested. Wake up five minutes earlier and take the time to apply make-up. You can put a thin layer of BB cream, a slight blush on the cheeks, lip gloss and a bit ‘of mascara, easy and quickly. Avoid heavy make-up for the day, go by the famous rule “less is more”.

Color Trends for the Spring 2016

If we talk about trends in the world of colors for the season, the thoughts fly immediately to the fashion shows and the world of fashion. But you may not know that fashion and interior design go hand in hand. Discover what will be the colors for spring 2016.

For the first time, the choice for the Color of the Year of the Pantone Color Institute, the authority in this sector, is a blend of two shades – Serenity and Rose Quartz. The colors that will become a must-have for the following season. The Rose Quartz, hotter than the classic powder or candy, and the Serenity, a blue with cooler hues almost lilac, combined to create a tight connection to the well-being, able to communicate a great sense of order and peace.

Appealing to all finishes, matte, metallic and shiny, the Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity give life to a winning combination that can mix in harmony with other palettes, mid-tones, including green and purple, brown and all shades of yellow and pink. For a touch of shiny, add accents silver and gold.

Where once what was considered fashionable in the closet could not find place in the home, today the process of intertwining of the two areas is inevitable. Wallpaper, vibrant colored décor and furnishings with the futuristic lines pour smoothly in the home, resonating ideas and the creativity of the collections offered by fashion designers.

And so the pastel outfits, worn at a wedding, become a source of inspiration for the next ottomans to be placed in the living area. The glittering accessories chosen to give a touch of sparkle to an outfit can be translated into perfect home accessories. After all, why put a stop to creativity?

And then, just as it happens in the fashion world, where shapes and shades alternate in response to the new rules, even in furnishing new styles and shades conquer the limelight seducing the minds of those who are particularly prone to everything that is trendy. But it’s not enough to say: “I like that color, I want it in the house.” To incorporate a different palette requires, in fact, a strong attention to detail, a pinch of curiosity and a strong desire to bring a breath of freshness, starting with the color. And when it comes to this issue, the ultimate authority is the Pantone Color Institute, which annually draws up a list of must-have shades for the fashion and interior design.

The year of marsala – elected palette of 2015 – has ended and, pending the announcement of the protagonist of the next year, Pantone has presented a list of colors for spring 2016 which give an idea of ​​how It will orient the world of fashion and interior design. The unifying color for spring 2016 is to want to turn the house into a more relaxing and spiritual place. The most recurrent leitmotif, in all its shades, is the intense and surprising mix of the fantasy and the most famous works of art by Matisse, Picasso and Frank Stella. The colors, mostly pastel, outweigh the cultural stereotypes of male and female, with the intent to carry the mind elsewhere.

The colors for spring 2016 have an absolute ruler: it is the pink quartz, already raised in the most glamorous event in the world. This delicate shade exudes elegance and suave composure. We suggest that you use it as a tone for wallpaper or, why not, as a coating for the bed or a chair in the living room. The perfect tone which will match with it? Among all, canary yellow, gray and lilac.

Another classic is the gray, which moves in shades of lilac, ideal for anyone who wants new home, but nothing excessive. And, in the theme of these neutral shades, even the palette of coffee it will have great importance next spring. Organic and natural feeling will be the backdrop for those who choose this tone for the next make-over in the house. Allow yourself the luxury of having a large sofa, a very comfortable one, in the same color. The effect will be confident elegance. Pastel colors such as pink quartz or turquoise will make space to more intense colors such as the red, with its liveliness, will make us forget the winter and it’s a bit pale colors. And last but certainly not least, the green flash: a hue much more vibrant than the others, which relies entirely on the brilliance that is able to emit. So green light to the imagination and creativity when it comes to wallpaper, tableware and chairs to match. All we can do is say: “Hello spring!”

What made readymade curtains popular these days?

A home without things inside will make it look pathetic and incomplete. The same is true when it comes to windows. A window alone without any curtain on it can look naked and so boring. That is why curtains are solely made for windows to add up some beauty on it and also to provide privacy. In modern society, tailored curtains are not that anymore popular because they are quite expensive and it can be very inconvenient for busy people to find time just to have their curtains tailored. Since ready made curtains are readily available at the market, a bunch of people opted to switch into this idea that made it even more popular.

Now, let us further take a look on the reasons why people switched from tailored curtains into the ready made ones?

Diverse and broad varieties

There are numerous companies that chose to decipher and try their luck in creating curtains that are already tailored finished which are to be manufactured into the market. The success of this industry has become the starting point wherein more and more companies are producing the said product and even market it internationally. The competition amongst companies caused production of diverse and broad varieties of curtains that are unique in style, have cultural resemblance and even utilize wide clothing varieties.


It can fit in your interiors

Since there are wide selections for curtains, mix matching it with your window and interior design can be hassle free and easy. All you have to do is to estimate or measure your window size and then find the right one that fits your window and your taste. These curtains do not only vary in designs but also when it comes to the texture, cloth class and colours. There are some curtains that are silhouette type that are best for those who wanted to have their rooms brightened by the rays of sunshine. There are also some that are made out of thick and heavy materials that are best for those who wanted to prevent the heat of the sun from entering their room. To make the long story short, curtains are made differently just to match your taste and style.


Inexpensive fashion

Ready made curtains are known to be inexpensive because they are made and produced in huge volumes as compared to the tailored one. Made to order curtains requires a lot of work to do like finding the designer who’s going to do the work, hemming for fabric, choosing the colour and texture of the cloth to be used and a lot more. If you are a busy career person, thinking of this aside from your office works can be so stressful. So, instead of having yourself suffer from this kind or stressor, better yet choose to buy those that are readily made.


Indeed, there are lots of people who area already hooked into choosing the ready made from the tailored curtains because of these three reasons. Whatsoever style and design you are searching for, everything is already available in the market at a cheaper price.