The Electric Scooter Trend Transformation

Ride Two WHeels

Electric scooters have been around for many decades, but it has only been possible in the last few years to find a wide acceptance thanks to powerful batteries. Both in dynamic range as well as in range, modern electric scooters surpass their ancestors by far. Durable lithium-ion batteries combined with powerful three-phase AC motors ensure that the car’s driving pleasure is not compromised. In view of the high environmental compatibility, the demand for e-scooters will increase in the coming years. And with many celebrities that are accepting innovative and sustainable forms of transport, we expect that the the trend of riding electric scooters will only grow stronger.

The current offer (as of 2017) includes just over 100 different electric scooters. Important: “E-scooters” often refers to mini-scooters, which look more like a children’s scooter than a mean of transport suitable for the city. Nevertheless, such mini-scooters exist for a reason and can replace a much larger electric scooter on the ultra-short trips and they make a perfect vehicle you can take with you on the bus – besides, these are simply fun to drive! The new trend in electric scooters are more durable, more stable rides and the new 2 wheel smart e-scooter.

An important difference and decisive for the price is the type of battery used. In the e-scooters, there are usually only two types: lead acid batteries and lithium polymer batteries. There are couple of reasons why lithium battery packs are superior to the lead acid ones: they are lighter, last for much longer and hold charge. On the range and the speed, however, the type of battery has almost no effect. In the stock version of almost all electric scooters comes with a single battery, which usually has enough capacity for a range of 20 to 30 miles. A higher range is usually achieved with additional batteries.

The maximum speed is normally limited to 20 mph. This is due to the legal requirements and the required driving license. A 20mph model can be driven in most of the US without registration and the driver’s license.

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