Color Trends for the Spring 2016

If we talk about trends in the world of colors for the season, the thoughts fly immediately to the fashion shows and the world of fashion. But you may not know that fashion and interior design go hand in hand. Discover what will be the colors for spring 2016.

For the first time, the choice for the Color of the Year of the Pantone Color Institute, the authority in this sector, is a blend of two shades – Serenity and Rose Quartz. The colors that will become a must-have for the following season. The Rose Quartz, hotter than the classic powder or candy, and the Serenity, a blue with cooler hues almost lilac, combined to create a tight connection to the well-being, able to communicate a great sense of order and peace.

Appealing to all finishes, matte, metallic and shiny, the Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity give life to a winning combination that can mix in harmony with other palettes, mid-tones, including green and purple, brown and all shades of yellow and pink. For a touch of shiny, add accents silver and gold.

Where once what was considered fashionable in the closet could not find place in the home, today the process of intertwining of the two areas is inevitable. Wallpaper, vibrant colored décor and furnishings with the futuristic lines pour smoothly in the home, resonating ideas and the creativity of the collections offered by fashion designers.

And so the pastel outfits, worn at a wedding, become a source of inspiration for the next ottomans to be placed in the living area. The glittering accessories chosen to give a touch of sparkle to an outfit can be translated into perfect home accessories. After all, why put a stop to creativity?

And then, just as it happens in the fashion world, where shapes and shades alternate in response to the new rules, even in furnishing new styles and shades conquer the limelight seducing the minds of those who are particularly prone to everything that is trendy. But it’s not enough to say: “I like that color, I want it in the house.” To incorporate a different palette requires, in fact, a strong attention to detail, a pinch of curiosity and a strong desire to bring a breath of freshness, starting with the color. And when it comes to this issue, the ultimate authority is the Pantone Color Institute, which annually draws up a list of must-have shades for the fashion and interior design.

The year of marsala – elected palette of 2015 – has ended and, pending the announcement of the protagonist of the next year, Pantone has presented a list of colors for spring 2016 which give an idea of ​​how It will orient the world of fashion and interior design. The unifying color for spring 2016 is to want to turn the house into a more relaxing and spiritual place. The most recurrent leitmotif, in all its shades, is the intense and surprising mix of the fantasy and the most famous works of art by Matisse, Picasso and Frank Stella. The colors, mostly pastel, outweigh the cultural stereotypes of male and female, with the intent to carry the mind elsewhere.

The colors for spring 2016 have an absolute ruler: it is the pink quartz, already raised in the most glamorous event in the world. This delicate shade exudes elegance and suave composure. We suggest that you use it as a tone for wallpaper or, why not, as a coating for the bed or a chair in the living room. The perfect tone which will match with it? Among all, canary yellow, gray and lilac.

Another classic is the gray, which moves in shades of lilac, ideal for anyone who wants new home, but nothing excessive. And, in the theme of these neutral shades, even the palette of coffee it will have great importance next spring. Organic and natural feeling will be the backdrop for those who choose this tone for the next make-over in the house. Allow yourself the luxury of having a large sofa, a very comfortable one, in the same color. The effect will be confident elegance. Pastel colors such as pink quartz or turquoise will make space to more intense colors such as the red, with its liveliness, will make us forget the winter and it’s a bit pale colors. And last but certainly not least, the green flash: a hue much more vibrant than the others, which relies entirely on the brilliance that is able to emit. So green light to the imagination and creativity when it comes to wallpaper, tableware and chairs to match. All we can do is say: “Hello spring!”

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