Graf Magazine is a place where you can find an amazing selection of news and resources for city dwellers. Your journey towards the urban life is not one you should take alone. Let us help you with plenty of ideas and help you make the best of your life in the city.

Gabriella  is the creative mind behind Graf Magazine. Her passion for all things urban started at very young age. As a college student she would often wake up before dawn and take a long walks down the streets of Manhattan taking in the atmosphere. Jump ahead 15 years and not much has changed, except she doesn’t go to college anymore. But the passion for city people and urban lifestyle has grown even bigger.

So she decided to share her inspiration and her work with the world. Graf Magazine is intended to be a useful and enlightening resource of pieces of city life. From advice on organizing rooms to suggestions about commuting to work, or best places to eat – you can find it here, and we hope you’ll enjoy it.