6 Reasons Not to Drive Your Car in the Summer

Have you considered switching your car for more sensible way of transportation? Depending on where you want to go, the bike is not always the best choice and bus and train can be rather unpleasant than comfortable during the summer months. But there is a solution: the electric scooter. Here are six reasons to get on the one of those e-powered rides as soon as you can.

1. Electric scooters are green. With them, you enjoy mobility without a feeling guilty, without exhaust fumes and without screeching engine noises. They are environmentally friendly as they are powered by an electric motor.
2. With an electric scooter you save money. You can “fuel” it already for 99 cents for 100 km just by plugging the charger to the outlet. This makes you independent from fluctuating gasoline prices. In addition, you save yourself expensive, costly maintenance, as the electric scooter is designed very simply without too many parts.
3. Electric scooters are chic! Whether modern or retro, admiring looks are guaranteed! And with the matching accessories like a helmet in retro design, you will quickly become a real eye-catcher on the streets!
4. They are handy. With an electric scooter you can reach up to 40 miles before the batteries have to be recharged. For an average scooter driver is absolutely sufficient.
5. E-Scooters are innovative and modern. And in their performance, they are equal to gas powered Vespa-like scooters! The engine is sometimes installed directly in the rear wheel so that the power is generated where it is needed – that is, the engine power is passed directly to the wheel. There are also numerous guides on how to make an electric scooter go faster. So just get on it and go, because …
6. … what is more beautiful than feeling the summer breeze around you, while you are quietly purring through the landscape without exhaust fumes and noise?

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